Merciful Healer (Nancy Dufresne)

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Merciful Healer (Nancy Dufresne)


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In the 1970’s, my husband, Ed Dufresne, had a vision in which he saw all sickness and disease laid on Jesus. It’s important that what he saw that day be heard, so I wanted to tell the vision in song. Although the vision was seen by my husband, the truth of it belongs to all of us. My husband tells the account of that vision as the introduction to the song “He Took It Away”.

Years ago, the words of a song were stirring in me, so I sat down with Trevor Woods and we wrote it out; however, the song remained unfinished. A few weeks later, during a music rehearsal, an angel came into the room and said to me, “I’ve come to give you the rest of the song”. The remaining words then came, and the song was complete. That song is the title song of this album, “Merciful Healer”.

I trust these songs will minister to you in such a way that you will receive all you need from our Merciful Healer.

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