(NEW) Answer It! (Nancy Dufresne)

The timeless truths in this book reveal how to answer every opposition and the steps to take to exit seasons of testings. Nancy Dufresne teaches simply and clearly the dominion and authority that belong to every believer and how to walk in victory over every opposition.

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A Sound, Disciplined Mind: Living Free from Worry, Fear, Depression, & Doubt (Nancy Dufresne)

God offers you His thoughts – take them! His words lived will reach into your everyday life, transforming it into something spiritual, supernatural and extraordinary and will lift you from the commonplace into the supernatural.

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(NEW) Victory Over Grief & Sorrow (Nancy Dufresne)

Isaiah. 53:4 tells us, “Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows.” Because Jesus has redeemed us from grief and sorrow, we are not obligated to respond to the tests and storms of life like those in the world. 

Too often, believers have taken their cues and views on tragedies and the storms of life from the world and have opened the door to depression, grief, and sorrow. When a Christian’s mind is renewed with the Word of God, they know too much to respond to tests and the storms of life like everyone else.

People become entrenched in a flow of depression, grief, and sorrow when they operate out of the emotional and mental arenas, but if believers will stay in the spirit arena, the faith arena, they will be able to yield and draw on the faith, peace, and joy that is in them. 

In this important book, Nancy Dufresne teaches from first-hand experience the all-conquering force of peace. Even death is no match for the mighty force of peace that is available to every believer. Find out how to take your place in the peace that Jesus left you as an inheritance and live totally free from grief and sorrow.

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nov 2018

Healing – Give God Something to Work With

by Nancy Dufresne

     Last month I wrote about a healing testimony that blessed me, but I wanted to tell you another one this month because these testimonies encourage us and give us instruction.

     There was a woman who had a condition that left her bedfast. The doctors had given her no hope. She called for a minister to come and pray for her, and as he talked to her, he knew that he needed to locate what she could believe for so they could get results with their faith.

     Many people just want to receive their answer instantly, which is good, but our faith may not always be at that place. So, to get results, we have to know what we can believe for.

     This minister knew that he needed to find where this woman’s place of faith was. 

     As he talked to her, he told her, “We’ve got to give God something to work with.” They looked to the Lord to lead them as to what that may be. The minister was led to ask the woman who was bedfast, “Can you believe God that tomorrow you will be able to make your own bed?”

     “Yes,” the woman agreed. “I can believe for that.” So they agreed in prayer that she would be strengthened enough to make her own bed.

     When the minister visited her on the following day, she told him, “It took me 4 hours, but I did it! I made my own bed!” She and the minister praised God together that He had strengthened her enough to do that.

     “Alright,” the minister said, “can you believe God to go to the restroom by yourself tomorrow?” 

     “Yes, I can believe for that,” the woman assured him. When he visited her the next day, she gave him the good report. “I did it. It took me a while, but I got to the restroom on my own!” And they praised God together.

     Then she and the minister believed God every day that she would be able to do an additional chore around the house. One day, he arrived to find her up and walking around her house. She wasn’t walking fast, but she was up! A few weeks later, he arrived at her house to find her outside walking around the block!

     No, her healing wasn’t instant, but it was still divine healing. The doctors had helped her as much as they could, but they could give her no hope of ever getting out of her bed. But with God, there is no such thing as “impossible” for the one who believes.

     This woman didn’t just lay down her faith because she couldn’t believe for instant healing, but she hooked on where she could and gave God something to work with.

     Don’t lay down your faith just because you may not be able to believe for instant healing. What can you believe for? Give God something to work with!

     Look to the Spirit of God to lead you as to what to hook your faith to. He’s our Counselor. He will counsel you as to what your faith can hook on to.

     I love a statement that Dad Hagin made. “I can’t promise anyone instant healing, but I can promise everyone healing!”

     Thank God for instant healings, but we don’t have to dismiss ourselves from healing just because it doesn’t show up instantly. Give God something to work with! What can you believe for today? Find where you can hook on with your faith and get results, then just keep hooking on every day, and it will all come to pass!