text to give 951-900-3991 +

Text the appropriate code to this number: 951-900-3991 Codes:

  • WHC = World Harvest Church regular tithes & offerings
  • DM = Dufresne Ministries offerings
  • VTN = Victory Television Network
  • TBNR = TBN Russia
  • GUEST = Guest ministers
  • GIFT = Gift offerings
  • DU = Double-Up offerings
  • VBS = Vacation Bible School

You will immediately get a text back with the link to set up your account.

Click on the link and set up your account. You will then be asked to enter the amount that you want to give.

Future Donations:

After setting up your account for your first donation, future donations are easy! Just text the appropriate code and the dollar amount that you want to donate (e.g. WHC 100.00). The funds will automatically be withdrawn from the card that you chose when you set up your account.

If you accidentally put in a code that does not work, just follow the prompts that are sent to help you.



If you are having issues with viewing livestream, it could be due to a variation of things. Livestream viewing issues could be caused by viewing traffic, a weak internet connection (WiFi or Ethernet connection), or the available streaming/upload speed from your internet provider.

We always hope that our viewers are able to watch the stream smoothly and have a pleasant viewing experience. Please know that if there are any issues that are internal and that we can handle, we are diligently working to resolve them as soon as possible.

Please let us know about any technical issues that you may be having by submitting below.