Miracles - by Nancy Dufresne

When Richard Roberts was preaching during our Holy Ghost Meetings in January, he quoted his dad, saying, “Every day miracles are either coming to you or going past you!” This reminds us that God is always moving. Whether or not we receive from His movements is up to our faith. Are we expecting every day, or are we only expecting when we’re faced with a crisis?

Miracles are available every day. We are going to need miracles in our lives, and those we come in contact with are going to need miracles. We must learn how to cooperate with God so the miracles needed are received.

Acts 2:22 tells us, “...Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which GOD DID by him in the midst of you....” Notice who did the miracles through Jesus — God did! God is the One who works the miracles, but He needs a man to fow through. Jesus knew how to allow God to flow through Him unhindered, therefore, great miracles were worked. It’s not our job to work miracles — it’s our job to allow God to work miracles through us. To do that, we must become skillful with allowing God to flow through us.

Why was God able to work so fully through Jesus with such mighty works? Many may think that it was simply because He is the Son of God. Yes, He is the Son of God, but that’s not why God was able to work through Him. God was able to work through Jesus because He thought right. There was no fear, doubt, or unbelief in the way Jesus thought, believed, and acted. There was nothing in Jesus that hindered God from working.

God can flow through one whose mind and thinking doesn’t get in His way to hinder Him. Wrong thinking will hinder Him from working. Right thinking allows Him to flow. Someone who thinks right is someone who has their mind renewed with the Word of God. A person whose mind is renewed is a doer of the Word. They don’t just do the Word when the sun is shining and everything of their life is in place, but they do the Word at all times, right in the midst of opposition.

It’s not about getting God to work a miracle, as many think, but it’s about getting the hindrances of wrong thinking and wrong believing out of His way so His miracle power can be received.

Fire Shoots Out of Jesus’ Eyes!

Years ago, my husband was holding services in a Women’s Auxiliary Club. The building looked like a theater with a high platform. As the musicians were playing, Ed saw a cloud come out of the speaker of the B-3 Hammond organ, then Jesus stepped out of the cloud. He spoke to Ed, and when He did, fire shot out of His eyes! “You’re not being skillful with the healing anointing!” Then He stepped back into the cloud, and the cloud went back into the speaker of the organ.

When I recall Ed’s testimony of that vision, I see how important it is to Jesus and to Heaven that we be skillful with what is entrusted to us. Lack of skill displeased Jesus!

We must learn how to cooperate with God so the miracles needed are received.
— Nancy Dufresne

Why do we not see more miracles in our own lives and in ministering to the lives of others? For our own lives, we need to become more skillful at receiving, and in ministering to others, we need to become more skillful at allowing God to flow through us.

How do we become more skillful at this? We have to get rid of wrong thinking and believing and make sure we’re thinking right and believing right. We have to get out of the mental arena and stay in the spirit arena, which is the faith arena. When we do, then we don’t hinder God, who works the miracles.

In Mark 6, we see Jesus ministering in His own hometown. We see that they thought wrong, therefore, they believed wrong, and no mighty work was done there because of their unbelief. If unbelief hindered Him then, unbelief will hinder Him now. If wrong thinking hindered Him then, wrong thinking will hinder Him now.

Thank God, we have the cure for wrong thinking, doubt, and unbelief. The Word is the cure. Let’s apply the cure of the Word to our thought lives and receive miracles from God.

Be a Student of Those Who Are Skillful

When we look at Ed’s vision of Jesus, we see how displeased Jesus was with the lack of skill. One thing that is also important to increasing our skill level is to study those and get around those who are skillful with the same offices, giftings, and endowments we possess.

Thankfully, we have books and recordings of faith pioneers of the past who were skillful with their anointings that we can study, but we also need to make sure we are getting in the services of those who are moving with the Word and the Spirit so we can grow in skill.

Miracles are going to be an earmark and emphasis of the last days revival, so we must become skillful with them. We must take advantage of every opportunity to be a student of those who are skillful.

Every day miracles are coming to us or going past us!