The Power of God - by Nancy Dufresne

On one occasion, Jesus appeared to Kenneth E. Hagin and said, “When I was on the earth, I was the power of God. If people needed power, they had to get to Me – that’s why the people thronged to touch Me. But now that the Holy Ghost is on the earth, He is the power of God, and He is present everywhere. That’s why power is present everywhere.”

     Power is present in your home, your car, your workplace, and everywhere right now. You can get healed anywhere – you don’t have to wait to come to church. Anyone can get saved, healed, and delivered anywhere because God’s power is present everywhere. 

     The Holy Ghost was not always on the earth – God’s power has not always been present everywhere. But on the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came to the earth and is now present everywhere. On the Day of Pentecost, the Church and the earth got wired with power. When you were born again, you got wired with power because the Holy Ghost is in you. 

     Jesus went on to say to Brother Hagin, “There’s enough power in every sick room and in every hospital room to raise up that sick one if they only knew it was present and would give it action.”

     So Jesus said two things that are required for that power to work: 

1) We have to know it’s present. 

2) We have to give it action.

     How do we give it action? Just because the power is present doesn’t mean it’s in manifestation or flowing. That power that is within you is just waiting for you to flip the switch – then it will come into manifestation and begin to flow. How do we give it action or bring it into manifestation? By speaking words of faith. 

     The best way to illustrate this is like a piñata at a child’s birthday party. It’s full of candy and treats, but until someone hits it with a stick and opens it up, nothing in it flows. Once it’s struck just right, everything inside flows out and everyone can gather up the goodies. 

     Likewise, the power of God that’s present must be released so that it can flow. When that power is flowing and is in manifestation, then people can gather up what they need – they can receive their healing, their miracle, and the help they need. Words of faith are the stick that strikes the power. Faith brings it into manifestation. Don’t wait for God to bring it into manifestation – you’re authorized to bring it into manifestation through speaking words of faith. That power flows when faith words strike it. 

     Years ago, our family was with us when we were preaching at a church in Maui. A storm came and the power went out on our side of the island for days. The things that usually worked didn’t work any longer without power – kitchen appliances, hairdryers, irons, cell phones, computers, etc. The church was on the other side of the island, and that side still had power. When people went to church, you could tell what side of the island they lived on. Those without power looked different – their clothes were more wrinkled and the ladies’ hair didn’t look like it usually did. 

     Since God’s power is available to us, we need to access that power with our faith. We don’t want our lives to look like we haven’t been accessing the power that is available to us.  

     Power makes life better! Just naturally speaking, electrical power makes life better and easier. Likewise, it’s also true spiritually. When the power of God is flowing and manifesting in our lives, it makes life better and easier.

     If there’s an arena of your life that is lacking, don’t just wait for God to do something – turn on the power!

     I have been using a hairdryer every day for years. Every day I have to flip the switch to turn on the hairdryer because that power doesn’t flow automatically. I’ve never wondered why the hairdryer didn’t come on automatically just because I need it every day – I know I have to flip the switch.

     Likewise, the power of God is present, but just because we have a need, power doesn’t flow automatically – we have to flip the switch. Speaking words of faith flips the switch. We should give the same faithfulness to flip the switch of God’s power as we do to flip on the hairdryer.

     It doesn’t matter whether or not you can feel the power of God – it’s always present. Power can be unseen and unfelt. 

     At the dentist, when they do x-rays, they will put a protective apron on the patient and leave the room to flip the switch on the machine. The radiation is unseen and unfelt, but it’s still flowing – that’s why they leave the room when they flip the switch.

     Every day, remember that the power of God is present, whether you feel it or not – believe that and give it action by speaking words of faith. 

     If you find yourself or a loved one in a sick room or a hospital room, remember that there is enough power in that room to raise up that sick one. Speak words of faith and give action to that power and it will flow.

     Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 2:4 & 5, “And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but IN THE POWER OF GOD.” 

     Learn to declare in the face of every need, “I believe in the power of God that is present, and I believe it flows right now to meet my need!”