Praising & Worshipping God Brings Victory - by Nancy Dufresne

Did you know that there is something God is seeking? Jesus told us what that is. “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father SEEKETH such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” (John 4:23 & 24).

God is seeking those who know how to worship Him. Why is He seeking those who know how to worship Him? Worship is an act of faith. Where God finds faith, He can manifest Himself there. God longs to bless people, so He seeks to find someone with faith enough to worship Him so that He can manifest His blessings there.

What we worship Him for is what He can manifest. For those who worship Him as Savior, they receive salvation. For those who worship Him as Healer and Provider, then He can heal and provide for them.

God spoke something to Norvel Hayes years ago. He said, “My children basically love Me, but they live in poverty and sickness and defeat. They don't live in Heaven’s blessings because they don’t worship Me enough.”

Look at that last phrase, “...they don’t worship Me ENOUGH.” He didn’t say that His children don’t worship Him, but He said they don’t worship Him ENOUGH. This is saying that we must give sufficient time to worshipping God. Well, how long is long enough?

I remember something Dad Hagin used to tell us. “Praise brings the anointing, and it’s the anointing that destroys the yoke.” How long do we need to worship God? Till the anointing comes, for then the anointing will destroy any yoke, obstacle, hindrance, and opposition in our lives.

How long does it take for the anointing to come? I don’t know. Just worship until the anointing comes.

Several years ago, I was dealing with an important business transaction. I was facing much opposition and many bleak reports. On a particular day when this transaction was coming to a head, I knew I needed a miracle. I got up early and went on my back porch and began worshipping God. I then got in the spirit and started speaking in psalms. As I spoke in psalms, God gave me words that declared that I would have victory in that situation. Since I believed what He was showing me about it, I had a sense to dance. So, I just got up on my back porch and started dancing as I rejoiced. As I did that, the word of the Lord came to me, and He said, “In the rejoicing, power flows!” I knew that as I rejoiced, His power was flowing into that situation. Later that day, the transaction was completely resolved in our favor! It was a miracle!

Praising and worshipping go hand-in-hand with each other. I praised and worshipped God long enough for the anointing to come, and when the anointing came, that anointing flowed into my need and brought victory.

We didn’t experience victory because we had a need, but we experienced victory because rejoicing and worshipping God brought the anointing, and God did the work!

In my book titled Answer It!, I give three divine steps to victory:

1) Answer the test specifically with the Word. When we are faced with a mountain, a need in our lives, Mark 11:23 tells us we are to speak to that mountain and command it to be removed. That’s the first step we must take.

2) Tell the devil to take his hands off that situation. When Jesus was faced with the devil in the wilderness of temptation, toward the end of that season, Jesus told Satan, “Get thee behind Me!” He was telling the devil to leave.

3) Worship God. Worshipping God holds our attention off the mountain and puts it on God, the mountain-Mover! Worshipping God brings the anointing, and while we’re praising and worshipping God, the power of God is annihilating the need.

It only takes a moment to speak to the mountain, and it only takes a moment to tell the devil to leave, but the bulk of our time after that is to be spent worshipping God. While we worship, God is working. Praising and worshipping God wins battles.

(Now, there’s something that must be stated in connection with this, and that is the importance of obedience. For our faith to work, we must be obedient to what God is telling us to do. It only takes a moment for us to correct ourselves toward any needed obedience. When we do, then our faith will work.)

Is there something opposing you? There’s nothing you can’t praise your way out of! We are to give ourselves to the spiritual habit of praising God all throughout the day; it is to be our lifestyle. As Psalm 34:1 instructs us, “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall CONTINUALLY be in my mouth.”