December 2018

Faith Pioneers – They Served Another - by Nancy Dufresne

     The faith pioneers of the past who walked under a “Double Portion” Anointing faithfully served another man of God. They were students of someone who knew God better than themselves, and they walked in what they were taught. They honored another. They didn’t abandon those they were to serve; they stayed where God told them to be.

     The faithfulness of these pioneers affected future generations; many are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Because of their obedience, they walked with God, received revelations of the Word, and produced much fruit, and through them God rewrote the stories of multitudes. That was accomplished through the “Double Portion” Anointing upon them, which they received by faithfully serving another.

     It is of great importance for us to know what God did for them and through them, for they serve as examples of what God will do for us as we progress in this era of the Last Days. Their honor and faithfulness to serve turned them into examples that we can follow.

     It takes honor to receive from God. It takes honor to recognize and to receive of what is honorable. It takes honor to recognize God in another man and faithfully serve him.

     Faith pioneers walked in great honor, or they never would have been able to move with God as they did, walking in the degree of anointing they walked in.

(The following is an excerpt from Nancy Dufresne’s newest book, The Price of the Double Portion Anointing.)

The “Double Portion” Anointing is available to those who are faithful to another man, as Elisha was to Elijah. (Someone can’t just get in a ministry line and have hands laid on them to receive this.)

     In saying this, we not only point to the degree of the anointing upon a man, but how a man comes to walk in that degree of anointing.

     Faith pioneers were ones who walked with God, had robust faith, and produced much fruit because they closely followed another man. Joshua served Moses, Samuel served Eli, Elisha served Elijah, and Timothy served Paul. Before they were known as men of great faith, they were known to have faithfully served.

     During previous seasons of their lives, their primary interest was not in having their own, but in serving another. They lost view of their own; their attention was on another. They loved the man, and they valued, prized, and honored what was in him. They used all their energies in helping another man succeed and fulfill his vision, and thereby received into their own lives the outcome of their faithfulness to another man. In the service of another, they became students; they received the instruction, training, and divine impartations needed to fulfill their own call. They grew to have great faith as they took the path of faithfully serving another.

     Jesus stated, “And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man's, who shall give you that which is your own?” (Luke 16:12). 

     A man’s zeal and ambition to have his own will not equip or qualify him for his own. Only through wholehearted desire, honor, and service to see another man fulfill his call can position him to be trusted to have his own.

     The leadership principles embraced by many portray that success is found only in having one’s own. That is the mindset of the world, but it does not represent God and His way of promotion. Promotion from God comes through the avenue of honoring and serving another faithfully. 

     To serve under another while having one’s own in view is unfaithfulness. It is a mistake to go through the motions of serving, while one’s heart, motives, affections, and interests are set solely on themselves and getting their own. Yes, we can understand that the godly principle of serving another blesses our own life, but our motive is not to serve just so we can get our own. We don’t just love what we can gain from a man, but we must love the man, otherwise we are not safe to serve him. We must lose sight of our own or we can’t serve another wholeheartedly. As we lose sight of our own, only then can God safely promote us. 

     Many may go a lifetime serving another man, never having their own. If that is the will and plan of God for a man, what an honor! It takes a faithful man who loves and honors another to rightly succeed in that.

     Before faith pioneers of the past carried a great anointing, they were first wholehearted in serving another man. That’s a man God can promote.

     If we are to walk in the “Double Portion” Anointing, we can’t expect to walk any differently. Honor is such a languishing quality in today’s society, but it is mandatory if one is to walk with God and under a greater anointing.

     When we live a life of honor, when we honor men of God He connects us to and we honor what God has done in the past, we position ourselves for God to repeat that through us. 

     I want to see what they saw, but in an even greater way.