Healing – Hook On! - by Nancy Dufresne

I want to tell you a healing testimony I recently heard that I love. There was a man who was hospitalized and suffering with great pain. He was in so much pain that if the doctors didn’t give him pain medication that completely knocked him out, he was virtually screaming. 

     A minister was called to come and pray for him, and on the way over to the hospital, the minister asked the Holy Spirit what he should minister to the man. Yes, the minister knew that healing belongs to all of God’s people, but he also knew that sometimes people aren’t in position to receive God’s best. So he wanted to find out from the Spirit of God what this man’s faith could hook on to. The minister knew that the man was suffering with great pain, and he knew it would be difficult to locate the man’s faith while he was in that condition. As the minister inquired of the Lord about what to believe for with the man, the Spirit of God spoke to him. 

     When the minister arrived in the man’s hospital room, he saw how much pain he was in and realized that the pain level was increasing day by day. He knew that the man wasn’t even really able to listen to much counsel because he was so distracted by the pain. The minister knew that he needed to speak something quick and short that the suffering man could hook his faith on to.

     The minister didn’t even ask the man to believe for the pain to leave instantly; he knew that he wouldn’t be able to lay hold of that with his faith. So the minister said what the Spirit of God had told him as he drove to the hospital. “Can you believe with me that the pain won’t be any worse tomorrow than it is today?”

     “Yes,” the man said, “I can believe for that.”

     “Good! Let’s pray together and set our faith for that,” and they did.

     The next day the minister went back to visit him. When he arrived, the man’s family met him in the hallway and said, “He’s still in a lot of pain, but at least it’s no worse today than it was yesterday.”

     The minister didn’t say anything to them, but on the inside he was jumping up and down. Their faith had worked!

     The minister walked into the hospital room, and although the man was still suffering in pain, he encouraged him. “Brother, our faith worked! We found a place where we could hook on and get results. Things have turned and are going in the right direction now. You’re not getting worse every day! Praise the Lord!” And he got the man’s attention on the victory that they had received. “Now, let’s believe that you’ll have less pain tomorrow than you have today.” They agreed in prayer.

     When the minister went back to visit him the next day, the man told him, “I am still in pain, but it is a little bit less than it was yesterday – just a little bit less.”

     The minister rejoiced. “Brother, God’s power is working! Not only has the pain stopped increasing, but now it’s decreasing. Even though it’s just decreased a little bit, it’s still decreasing. Praise the Lord!”

     Every time the minister went back, he found that the man was getting better and better, until he went back one day and found out that the man had been sent home.

     No, it wasn’t an instant healing, but it was still divine healing.

The key is to find the place where your faith can hook on – and then hook on! - Nancy Dufresne

     Brother Hagin used to say to us, “Many confine God to the instantaneous and miss the supernatural.” In other words, many don’t think that faith or the Word is working unless they receive instantaneously, but this man was having healing power working in his body every day, even though it wasn’t instantaneous. The Bible tells us that the centurion’s servant “began to amend.” His healing wasn’t instantaneous, but he began to get better little by little.

     If there’s something that you need to change in your life, whether it’s healing in your body, a financial change, or some other change, don’t limit God to the instantaneous. Find the place where your faith can hook on. Can you believe that things will get better every day? Well, it takes faith to believe that, and God is pleased with faith. God isn’t only pleased when you can believe for the instantaneous, but He is pleased when you release your measure of faith – whatever that measure may be. 

     In Mark 11:23, Jesus spoke of the mountain being moved, but who said that it would move all at once? A mountain can be moved a little bit every day. 

     The key is to find the place where your faith can hook on – and then hook on!