Healing – Give God Something To Work With - by Nancy Dufresne

Last month I wrote about a healing testimony that blessed me, but I wanted to tell you another one this month because these testimonies encourage us and give us instruction.

     There was a woman who had a condition that left her bedfast. The doctors had given her no hope. She called for a minister to come and pray for her, and as he talked to her, he knew that he needed to locate what she could believe for so they could get results with their faith.

     Many people just want to receive their answer instantly, which is good, but our faith may not always be at that place. So, to get results, we have to know what we can believe for.

     This minister knew that he needed to find where this woman’s place of faith was. 

     As he talked to her, he told her, “We’ve got to give God something to work with.” They looked to the Lord to lead them as to what that may be. The minister was led to ask the woman who was bedfast, “Can you believe God that tomorrow you will be able to make your own bed?”

     “Yes,” the woman agreed. “I can believe for that.” So they agreed in prayer that she would be strengthened enough to make her own bed.

     When the minister visited her on the following day, she told him, “It took me 4 hours, but I did it! I made my own bed!” She and the minister praised God together that He had strengthened her enough to do that.

     “Alright,” the minister said, “can you believe God to go to the restroom by yourself tomorrow?” 

     “Yes, I can believe for that,” the woman assured him. When he visited her the next day, she gave him the good report. “I did it. It took me a while, but I got to the restroom on my own!” And they praised God together.

     Then she and the minister believed God every day that she would be able to do an additional chore around the house. One day, he arrived to find her up and walking around her house. She wasn’t walking fast, but she was up! A few weeks later, he arrived at her house to find her outside walking around the block!

     No, her healing wasn’t instant, but it was still divine healing. The doctors had helped her as much as they could, but they could give her no hope of ever getting out of her bed. But with God, there is no such thing as “impossible” for the one who believes.

     This woman didn’t just lay down her faith because she couldn’t believe for instant healing, but she hooked on where she could and gave God something to work with.

     Don’t lay down your faith just because you may not be able to believe for instant healing. What can you believe for? Give God something to work with!

     Look to the Spirit of God to lead you as to what to hook your faith to. He’s our Counselor. He will counsel you as to what your faith can hook on to.

     I love a statement that Dad Hagin made. “I can’t promise anyone instant healing, but I can promise everyone healing!”

     Thank God for instant healings, but we don’t have to dismiss ourselves from healing just because it doesn’t show up instantly. Give God something to work with! What can you believe for today? Find where you can hook on with your faith and get results, then just keep hooking on every day, and it will all come to pass!

Is What You See Greater Than What God Says? - by Nancy Dufresne

I'm reminded of a testimony of healing I heard years ago that I often think about. A woman had gone to the doctor and was told that she had a growth in her breast, so they set up another appointment for further tests. At her next appointment, they did an ultrasound on her. With the ultrasound equipment, the doctor was able to display an image of the lump in her breast on a screen. As he did, he turned the screen toward the woman so she could see the lump.

He pointed to the screen as he explained to the woman what they were seeing. When she saw the lump pictured on the screen, she spoke quietly in her heart to the Lord. “Oh Lord, if only I hadn’t seen it. Seeing it makes it more real.”


The Lord spoke back to her, “Is what you see greater than what I say?”

How that question checked her! She caught herself, realizing her wrong thinking. “No, Lord,” she answered, “what I see is not greater than what You say.”

Then she reminded herself of what He had already said in His Word. Quietly to herself, she rehearsed His Word. “Your Word says that ‘Himself took my infirmities and bare my sicknesses.’ Your Word says that ‘by Jesus’ stripes I was healed.’ ” As she lay on that examination bed, she quietly refocused her attention on the Word instead of on the screen.

As she lay there, continuing to put her attention on God’s Word and worshipping Him for it, suddenly a wide, bright circle of light appeared on the screen. Everyone in the room saw it. Slowly that bright circle of light began to close in and grow smaller and smaller around that lump. As the circle of light grew smaller, it completely encased the lump, and when it did, the circle of light disappeared, and then the lump was also gone off the screen! The lump had dissolved, and she was completely healed!

That miracle happened for the woman because she redirected her attention away from what she was seeing and toward what God said. The Word was greater than what she saw, and when she focused on the Word that was greater, what she saw changed.

How often we are surrounded by circumstances that are so visible, hear things that are so audible, or feel things that are so tangible. Yet, we must always remember that what God says is greater than anything we may see, feel, or hear.

Don’t believe anything more than you believe the Word!

Just because circumstances may be so loud or so tangible, that doesn’t change the truth of God’s Word! His Word is greater!

As Christians, we live by words — God’s words! Those around us are living by what they feel, see, and hear, but not us! We live by words! Since God said it, that’s what we hold to, regardless of all we may feel, see, and hear. Living by what God says gives us the best life. It’s such a joy to know that we aren’t destined and doomed to live by circumstances that are constantly changing, but we get the privilege of living by what God says, which never changes.

One key to enjoying the kind of life that God authored for us involves our attention. When that woman had her attention on what she saw, she was troubled. But when she turned her attention from what she saw to what God said, she partook of the best flow — the flow of the Word, the flow of healing.

We must practice holding our attention on God’s Word when circumstances are so loud and boastful all around us. We don’t get good at anything without practicing – that goes for spiritual things as well as natural things.

Many think they have faith problems when they really have attention problems. Your faith is connected to your attention. Where your attention goes, your faith goes. Some frantically struggle to get more faith, when they really need to discipline their thought life to hold their attention on the right thing instead of on the wrong thing.

Let’s practice every day on the small things of daily life – holding our attention on God’s Word instead of on changing, shifting circumstances.

Consider Not - by Nancy Dufresne

I was listening again to Dad Hagin tell of the vision he had when Jesus came into his hospital room. As a young minister, Dad Hagin had fallen and injured his arm, and it was at this time that he had the vision. Jesus walked into his room, pulled up a chair to sit by his bed, and talked to him for an hour and a half.

During that vision, Jesus said to Dad Hagin, “It’s My will that none of My children ever be sick, be operated on, or have accidents. But very few ever walk in My best, because: (1) most don’t know what belongs to them, (2) even if they do know what belongs to them, they don’t have enough faith to receive it, or (3) others are in disobedience.”

Follow Abraham's Example

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Romans 4:17-21 tells of Abraham: “(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were. Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be. And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sara’s womb: He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.” Let’s look at verse 19: “And being not weak in faith, he CONSIDERED NOT his own body now dead....” How does someone weaken their faith? They consider what they ought not to consider. When your attention goes to and stays on the wrong thing, it weakens your faith. To keep your faith strong, you have to keep your attention on the right thing. Where your attention goes, your faith goes. Abraham protected the strength of his faith by keeping it off the wrong thing. He considered not his own body. His body told him something, but he refused to focus or put his attention on that.

He didn’t consider what his own body told him, but he also didn’t even consider the body of another person — his wife. If you touch in your thought life why someone else failed to receive their answer or why another person died, it will weaken your faith. “Consider not” the situation of another.

Dad Hagin stated the following. “Consider not — blessed words — an unfailing refuge from the fery darts. Heavenly atmosphere where no germ or disease can survive for the fraction of a second. Consider not. Do not accord to the physical symptoms a passing thought. Refuse to take them into your calculations. If you consider your own body, paying attention to the symptoms, that’s why they persist. As long as you consider them, they will persist.”

Consider the Word, put your attention on the Word. Act like the Word is true. In any test or trial, if you consider the circumstances, allowing your attention to be focused on the test, the test will continue. Consider the Word and answer that situation with the Word. Don’t consider the test and turn it over in your mind, for that is worry. And as long as you are worrying, the devil has an entrance.

You don’t have to make the test stop. You just speak the Word, rest on the Word, and let the Word do the work. Jeremiah 1:12 reads, “...for I will hasten my word to perform it.” You aren’t the one who performs His Word — He does. It’s your job to answer the test with the Word, then rest on His Word, and it’s His job to perform it. Faith is the diligent effort to rest in God. Rest knowing that He is doing the work.