Fellowship With God - by Nancy Dufresne

Our fellowship with God is the wheels to His plan for our lives. Without our fellowship with Him in place, it’s like trying to drag a wagon with no wheels. Put the wheels back on, and the wagon will move ahead easily. Our fellowship with God is directly connected to our spiritual progress and our progress in His plan for our lives. As we give fellowship with God its proper place in our lives, we make steady spiritual progress.

Many Christians struggle to know the will of God for their lives, or they struggle with doing what they know they ought to be doing. But as we take time to fellowship with God through His Word and prayer each day and walk in the Spirit, what we need to know becomes clear to us, and we are also strengthened to do that which we know we ought to do.

Through fellowship with Him, we move into a place in the Spirit, and it’s from that place that we are to conduct living. We are to worship, feed on the Word, confess the Word, make our requests in prayer, minister from, and live from that place in the Spirit — living mindful of His Presence.

Living in the Spirit makes everything easy. That’s one reason the devil fights to hold us in the natural and mental arena, because then we end up trying to accomplish living in the power of the flesh instead of in the power of the Spirit. There’s nothing more tiring or disappointing than living in the flesh, for then life won’t be accomplished as God intended. In the flesh we are left to our own willpower and self to accomplish His plan, and then we always fall short. 

When faced with any kind of a difficulty, test, obstacle, or opposition — whether it’s physical issues, financial problems, marital difficulties, business matters, etc. — we are to first make certain that our fellowship with God (through time in the Word and prayer) is a priority in our lives, for that’s where all help and answers flow from.

The greatest joy in the Christian life is fellowship with God and Jesus. Psalm 43:4 reads, “Then will I go unto the altar of God, unto God my exceeding joy....”

We must make room for and give place to Him in our day. Revelation 3:20-22 tells us, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and WILL SUP WITH HIM, AND HE WITH ME. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” 

Jesus said He stands at the door and knocks — He was outside man’s heart. But when we were born again, He came in; so He’s in the heart of the believer, but we still have to give room and time in our day for the One who is in us. Verse 20 says that when He comes in, He will sup with us and us with Him. The Word “sup” means to have spiritual communion.

Verse 21 speaks of the outcome of those who sup with Him — those who partake of spiritual communion with Him — they will overcome. Our fellowship with Him is directly connected to the outcome of situations we face in life — whether we overcome or not.

As one minister stated, “It’s dangerous to neglect our fellowship with God.” Why would that be true? Because overcoming obstacles is connected to our fellowship with God.

Not having our fellowship with God in place robs from us. Not only does God long for fellowship with His children, but we are the ones who need it. 

What a divine privilege is offered to us! Let’s make certain the wheels of fellowship with God are in place and well oiled so we can advance into all that God has for us. 

2019 It's a New Day! - by Nancy Dufresne

With every incoming new year, God gives me a word for that year. He does this so we will know what to emphasize for the year – it gives direction to our faith. For faith to work, we must have the leading of the Spirit, so by giving us this word, our faith has the leading it needs.

God said the following to me about 2019:

2019 is A New Day! A new day of stepping into places in the Spirit that will bring us into a greater flow. 

2019 will bring a fresh momentum that hits a stride – hitting a stride in the Spirit realm, in healing, in the gifts of healing. 

Ministers will be making strides in the gifts of the Spirit. More skill and more operation of them.

God had said to me about 2018 that it would be a year of Divine Acceleration. Acceleration means that we are increasing our pace toward a direction. Acceleration is not the arrival, but it’s increasing the pace toward where we are headed. 

Think of acceleration in regards to driving. Whenever getting on a freeway, we must first have the necessary time and space to accelerate the vehicle so that we can merge onto the freeway going full speed. To not be at full speed when entering is dangerous for ourselves and others. That’s why entrance ramps are connected to the freeways – to give us time and space to accelerate so we can enter the freeway at full speed. 

That’s what 2018 was for us – time and space for us to have divine acceleration so that we can merge into the flow of God going full speed. With that in mind, let’s look again at what God said about 2019. 

“2019 is A New Day!” A new day requires and calls for a new way of thinking and speaking. Think of when God delivered the Hebrews out of Egypt. He brought them out of slavery with mighty signs, wonders, and miracles so that He could bring them into their own land to worship and serve Him. After having been in slavery for 400 years, it was a new day for them! However, they carried their old way of thinking with them when they left Egypt. They continually referred to going back. Although they were no longer slaves to men, because they didn’t change their thinking and their speaking to reflect their freedom, they lived as slaves to fear and unbelief. Because they didn’t take on a new way of thinking and live by faith, that first generation that was delivered out of Egypt never arrived at the land God had for them (except for Joshua and Caleb). A new day requires a new way of thinking if we are to enter into all that the new day offers us. This can only be done as we feed on God’s Word and be doers of that Word, renewing our minds. We must believe and confess that it shall not be as it has been; we are not repeating and being held by the difficulties, failures, and wrong thinking of the past – it is a new day!

“2019 is A New Day! A new day of stepping into places in the Spirit that will bring us into a greater flow.” The greater flow is what we have been accelerating toward. “It’s a new day of stepping into places in the Spirit....” Stepping into further or higher places is where the greater flow is. We move further into the Spirit as we take time to speak much in other tongues.

“2019 will bring a fresh momentum that hits a stride....” Hitting a stride means hitting a steady pace, meaning we are past the point of stopping and starting, lunging ahead, and then falling behind. Our steps and progress will be even and steady. “...Hitting a stride in the Spirit realm, in healing, in the gifts of healing.” The stride we hit will be emphasized and evident in the Spirit realm, in the flow of healing, and in the operation of the gifts of healing.

“Ministers will be making strides in the gifts of the Spirit. More skill and more operation of them.” My husband said by the Spirit that in the Last Days Revival all nine gifts of the Spirit would be operating at 100% of their full potential power; therefore, as ministers, we must grow in skill with the gifts of the Spirit if they are to operate at 100% of their full potential power. As we grow in skill, we will see a greater operation of these gifts.

As one minister stated, “Words equal work.” When we receive a word from the Lord, that word won’t come to pass automatically. We must release our faith toward that word and also do our part so that what God said to us can come to pass.

With that in mind, what is the work we must do toward this word God has given for 2019? 

1) We must add our faith to what God said by daily declaring what He said about

2) Feed on the Word and act on it – a new day calls for new way of thinking.

3) Speak much in other tongues – this is how we are able to move further in the
                            Spirit realm.

4) Become skillful with healing and with your giftings – study the Word and
                            other men of God who were skillful in these flows and practice them.